Course Description MPJI

Introduction to photographic techniques. Topics include exposure, camera controls, digital printing, file management. Exploration of creative possibilities and thematic modes of photography; working in series.

NOTE: Basic computer skills are required for this class.

Course Objectives

An introductory yet broad-based understanding of digital photography including use of digital cameras and current graphics software will be achieved through reading assignments, classroom lectures, and a variety of projects. Upon successful course completion, the student will acquire an understanding of:

Basic principles of composition

How to use digital cameras

Raster/image manipulation software

Digital image capture, using a digital camera

Varying methods of output

General Education Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to:

Have an understanding of the fine arts.

Have developed their problem-solving, creative, and critical thinking skills

Camera Techniques  

Field Trips  

Photo Editing 


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