Through MPJI, we take field trips to the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes, the Los Angeles Zoo, Whale Watching on a boat, coverage about the program on Channel 7. The news station was so impressed that they ran the coverage in the taxi cabs in Orange County. MPJI opened so many doors for the youth in our program. The students looked forward to the bi-monthly classes. MPJI has inspired young men to go to college and community college to pursue photography. Students who graduated out of the program came back to share with the new students about their experiences and how Mr. Galbreath changed their lives by investing in them mentally.

MPJI is unlike many other photographers. They not only “talk the talk, MPJI walks the walk.” The creativeness from shooting a women’s conference for The Links to the Art Shows to present the work of the students. Mr. Galbreath spends time with each student to critique pictures and show them how to get the right shot is immeasurable. We take the students to Proud Bird Restaurant to use the back field to photograph airplanes coming in for landings to the airport. Without hesitation, the young men actually laid on the grass waiting for the right shot.

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