The judge Lance Ito scholarship has been established in honor of Judge Lance Ito who was the presiding judge in the OJ Simpson double murder trial “The trial of the century”. Mainstream media did not want to give the Black Press of America an opportunity to work with it in photo coverage of the trial. Upon finding that out, Judge Ito who is of Japanese ancestry and whose relatives were put in internment camps during World War Two in the United States. Decided that that was unfair and gave the Black Press of America a seat in the courtroom beside mainstream media to shoot still photos. Because Judge Ito was willing to stand up for what was right. This scholarship has been established in his name to honor his courageous actions in leveling the playing field. For minority photojournalist and news organizations. The scholarship will be given to a young man or young woman from a marginalized community that desires to pursue a career in photojournalism.

Judge Lance Ito

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